L2Perseus project is for sale.
It can be sold as ready to go project or parts of it ( source, compiled, website, facebook fanpage, armors/weapons/items).
Some of the addons:
Special vote rewarder (one with api, one with vote buff)
Nexus engine events (fixed and updated)
Raidboss manager ( Rank raidboss system *NEW*)
Raidboss viewer ( With observe mode and live status)
Fashion shop (Allows you to change in game the hair/ face appearance)
Unique Start-up system with auto-camera.
Custom community board with Achievements, Forum in-game, Museum (detailed infos about everything)
All kind of shops and npc's (buffer, gk, shops, hitman manager, rank, pk manager..etc)
Dress Me system which works with every kind of items ( armor/ weapon/ shields and accesories)

Tons of fixes and improves.
Balanced formulas/ skills.
Unique new skills in-game.

For infos and prices PM ^^
Skype: nighty.andrei
E-mail: ferariuandrei@gmail.com
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